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  • I met a problem to start the crossfire.

    The problem is as following, when I start the game, it launch patcher_cf without problem, but once I click on play, it says "crossfire patcher error: [last error: 0x5], access is denied." Then "Failed to execute game client".

    The problem started with an sudden windows 11 reboot with unhandled kernel exception, before that, crossfire start without problem.  I tried to fix the windows start up problem, did some restore, uninstalled Kaspersky, since then the crossfire can not start.  Then reinstall kaspersky and get the unhandled kernel exception resolved, but no matter what I did, I cannot have the crossfire started and uninsall also can not complete.

    Registry remove all the z8games and crossfire entries does not help, I downloaded latest installer and resintalled several times.  Added z8games and common/uncheater into kaspersky exception list not help either.

    Please help.
  • -20 points every time when ranked gets error when entering match and automatically kicks you out. That's so nice especially when half of games error for couple of days now.


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