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!!-Use the following guide at your own risk-!!
Please be aware that the information in the following guide might be incomplete or inaccurate. Only follow the guide if you feel like you have a suitable understanding of the way computers work. If you do follow the guide make sure you ONLY edit the version.ini file. Editing any other files is against the Terms Of Use and will most likely result in your account getting banned. I am not responsible for you damaging your game files and having to reinstall or getting banned.

Some of you might have encountered an issue with the so called "version.ini" file where the version number inside this mysterious file does not want to update for you and you have to do it manually. Here are the ways of working around this issue.

1) You are going to have to open your version.ini file up with Notepad. ( Make sure you run Notepad as Administrator or else the file WILL revert itself afterwards )
2) Find the correct "LatestVersion" and "MinimalVersion" values from a friend whose game works and compare them to yours.
3) Make the needed corrections within the file if they are needed and save.
4) Here things get a bit complicated. There are two ways of making this version.ini file keep the corrections you have manually made.
4a) The easy way:

-After saving your file, right click it and select Properties.
-A small window will open up, in this window you are going to select "Read only" on the bottom quarter of the window, hit Apply and then OK.
-Open up your game and see if it patches/runs properly.
- If it does you are in luck and this is all that you have to do. When the game updates again you are going to have to untick the Read Only option on the file, start up the game once and then follow the steps again.
- If it does not open up the "version.ini" file and confirm that the 2 values you have manually entered have reverted themselves to what they used to be at the begining. Keep on reading.

5) The hard way:

a) Make the required alterations in the "version.ini file" and hit save.
b) Right click the file and select Properties. In the Properties window that opens up you are going to have to go on the Security tab.
c) On the security tab you are going to select "Edit" iHueQa9.png

d) A new window will pop up called "Permissions for version.ini". On this window you will have a central area where the users on your computer are going to be listed and below them a permissions table. Clicking on each of the users in the upper pane will let you edit their permissions for this file:

e) You are concerned with the "Users" and the "Administrators" entries on the first list here ( Where it says SKYNET for me in the photos will say your computer name for you ).
For these two entries you are going to UNTICK the box under "Allow" and next to "Full control" and TICK the box under "Deny" and next to "Write" CHlBHRC.png[/CENTER]

f) After you're done with both the entries you are going to hit Apply. You are probably going to get a notice from Windows telling you Deny permissions take precedence over Allow permissions ( exactly what we want here ) asking you to continue. Hit Yes.

Congratulations, you are done! When the game updates and if you have done the permissions part of the workaround you are going to have to undo the "Deny" permissions. ( Step 5 e but make sure to Untick the box under Deny and next to Write ). After you undo the deny permissions, start up the game once and then get the correct values from a friend again and repeat the steps to locking the file down again.

PS: If the read only part doesn't work for you there's no point following it again the next time you do this, jump straight to the permissions part.

Latest version files as of 05.09.2020:
LatestVersion = 1387
MinimalVersion= 1351
OwnVersion = 22

server1 =

IP1 =
PORT1 =13008


End of guide


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