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  • [IMG2=JSON]{"data-align":"none","data-size":"full","src":"https:\/\/\/7ArgGkx.png"}[/IMG2]

    I don't see any problem in this screenshot.
    Was checking how many games I played on my main account, from my alt.

    Then I logged on my main and checked my alt.
    This happened.

  • Hi guys since the new crater of dawn event 4/10/19 i cant play i get Invaild Item information is there anyway to fix this beq i tryed to re install cf but it ditn work
  • Y0ungAngie wrote: »

    I don't see any problem in this screenshot.
    Was checking how many games I played on my main account, from my alt.

    Then I logged on my main and checked my alt.
    This happened.


    Almost 4k games in less then 24 hours? Wow, that's a nice bug.
  • buyaka334 wrote: »

    Almost 4k games in less then 24 hours? Wow, that's a nice bug.

    Wish it was real, I would've won that event easy
  • On the topic of Crater Dawn. There's a glitch where Seekers' character models sometimes disappear. The feminine cobra-headed mutants that appear out of a puff of smoke. They still have collision, they can still attack you, they still show up on the radar, they can still be hit by bullets, but they're completely invisible sometimes. It's not too common, happening about once every eight or ten games on average, but it's still worth mentioning.
  • When I joined King Mode mid-game, I became the Commander despite not playing in the commander selection part of the mode. Someone else won and I became the commander when I was given control of my character. It didn't allow me to save the replay so you'll have to take my word for it.
  • YolomirYolomir Squire
    Player this afternoon crossfire and everything was fine.
    Right now i keep getting Random Dc's.
    While joining the game, while im the game or even after finishing.
    Everything works tho, but if i click OK the game closes.
    Issue is atm (time 01:38 am CEST)
  • Copying a weapon with ak12 vip seems to cause an error 31_10, i never have this error unless i use the vip special function and it happens 1-2 rounds after i copied something

    this is now big thing plzz fixs and give us ur points back -.-
  • I hope in this Thread is still any Mod or Gm looking,

    The Bug is with Revive Tokens it stacks Coupons bought Tokens extra from zombie crate revive tokens, wouldnt be much a problem if i have 2 Stacks of Revive Tokens but,
    when i getting 2 Revive Tokens from Zombie Crates and it Creates a 2nd Stack of Revive tokens and i use the last tokens from that 2 Crate Tokens, it Shows me for under a second in a Zombie mode Game my other Stack number with Revive Tokens 200 and then its jumping directly to 0 and i cant use the 200 Remaining Tokens because he dont realize the 2nd Stack of Revive Tokens
  • It's 2019 and there are some serious bugs with the new Elemental raid zombie mode , I tried reporting them to player support via E-mail but they said they can't understand the request.
  • There are some few bugs with the bosses in the Elemental Raid map , They are slight ones but they may affect the game play and it's not nice but I need someone that I can report to with details.
  • Also in Elemental Raid (Nightmare Mode) There are some few other bugs. for Example : Normally You're supposed to have x5 lives when u first join the Nightmare mode but you end up joining with x3 lives instead of 5 for some players and this need to be fixed.
  • Small display bug, but the bar in ranked is a bit bugged.
    When you are silver 6, the level bar shows Silver 5 (instead of 6)-> Gold 1
  • No icon MK2-Granade S1 in game.
    Webside works
  • DJPaSDJPaS Beginner
    U make new patches and game gets even laggier.. u make so much money do something..
  • I have a bug in ZM3 and it happens to me a lot, but I didn't post until now.. My bad I guess..

    Whenever the last boss is out, I get a black screen I can't see anything but the HUD's game, someone told me it happened to them as well and it fixes using any sniper scope but somehow it doesn't work with me
  • Latest bug for me and a few other clan mates is this: Get to the end of the game and just before the scores come up.......................Game crashes and we find ourselves logged out of crossfire . Can someone look into this one please?
  • MrUxellMrUxell Knight-Errant
    M4 Laser does NOT damage boss Atlas in Devastated City. No change score and damage line in the final round.
  • The profile page of a player popped up while i was playing and covered all the screen, i couldnt do anything but close cf with task manager
  • Since i can't post on discord ill gonna post it here.
    I found 2 bugs in this new update.
    1 involves bc axe noble gold.
    It shows the customize button like all other vips but it's not functional:

    2 bug is found when i went to preview of rpk noble gold.
    It's abnormally large and goes out of borders:
  • After the update damage zones appeared on Eagle eye, on stairs B site and top A site, and my rifle literally vanished off my hands (leaving me with pistol, grenades and knife only) when i was on A site so maybe its linked to the damage zone idk
    havent experienced other unusual damage zones on other maps/modes so far
  • Boody200Boody200 Apprentice
    I have noticed that the M4 Laser's name is called "M4A1-Silence-Undertec" in the Awakening list... A name that totally makes no sense at all
  • Boody200Boody200 Apprentice
    I have noticed a bug that gives me CF Code error 20_0 or 20_2 When I get a ping spike at the end of the round in any rounds game mode like S&D... This is so annoying because when I get a ping spike it's not even my fault and I have checked my internet... It's my internet provider's fault... I just hope you solve this because I can't take it anymore... Always being disconnected from Room because of a sudden ping spike that timed with the start of the new round...
  • getting damaged randomly on Port, Eagleeye , compound
  • KAC burnt metal doesnt get the ammo buff from vips
  • what about wave no one whant to fix but to many bug u cant finsh single game normal some time no dmg some time lag and fbs we all have low fbs in wave
  • taubii1taubii1 Apprentice
    Yo wanted to buy EP crates but error occured.

    My EP was removed though
  • My nades from the 2nd and 3rd nade slots get removed every time i logout or change servers.
    Also Trade button doesent work.
  • Was spinning some crates, then this happen when I looked at my items won tab
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