• thanks for these tips
  • hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii
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    hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii mmoken nt3rf
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    god shot
  • hack tool has been detected

    Дата: 07:05 / сервер времени 11:05
    Ошибка: Hack Tool был обнаружен (1) (0:5:0:0)
    Screen Shot:
    IGN: - [TEHb] -
    Сервер: UK4
    КАРТА: орлиный глаз
    ВРЕМЯ: 1-2 после входа в игру на карте через 1-2 минуты вылетаю из игры и появляется окно: рубить инструмент был обнаружен (1) (0:5:0:0)
    Интернет: Wi-Fi; кабель
    географическое положение: в России и Евразии Антивирусы: Avast. Система: Windows 7 Professional
  • Haiisam3Haiisam3 Beginner
    What Is Better For 90Hz? Note: Not Old Not Advanced For Games
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    GJ brahh


  • Sppzp10000

  • loggguyloggguy Beginner
    now all we need is a way to remove this excessive horrible mouse accelleration issues the game has had for years now
  • For those with wireless mice, distance from the mouse to the usb receiver is a huge factor. I used to have mine about 3 feet apart with the usb receiver plugged directly into the back of the computer but I recently tried the usb extension cord that came with my mouse, they're now about 1.5 feet apart and I've had absolutely no problems. I always thought it was dust messing with the optical sensor which can happen or something caused by Windows but this has made all the difference.

    I think the distance is only part of it though, modern processors make a sizable EM field and keeping the usb receiver away from that likely helps tremendously as well.
  • Could you update the link for the download of the program which allows you to modify stuff? It leads me to a russian news site
  • VFragVFrag Beginner
    TEKKRAL wrote: »
    Could you update the link for the download of the program which allows you to modify stuff? It leads me to a russian news site

  • It really isn't. Before the summer I was playing at 1000hz polling rate with no jitter at all. I recently came back to cf to learn that 125hz is the best since I play 800 dpi and 1 in game sens.
  • I have a mouse A4Tech V5 Bloody and Windows 10!My AIM after XP is too bad, shaky!What what should I do?
  • welp atleast someone out there is trying to help
  • Good job Slant, thanks for these tips, gonna be helpfull with my new mouse (gettin it tonight)
  • bless {gm} i want [ep] in meil ahmedhamedyy :)
  • what is good in a community
  • 10000.000

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    I have hear that CF NA has fix the mouse acceleration. I wonder how you guys do that. Please teach me. In CF VN i surffer a lot of acceleration and it effect my aim alot. Thks you
  • thank u for this advice .
  • nice good solution problem solved
  • 550hz O.O
  • 125hz and it works so nice<3
  • Good job m8!
  • i thought that issue was caused by my pc, thanks
  • good :D:D:D:D
  • Been trying to find an answer to my question, thanks a lot.
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