How to raise your FPS/Ping without purchasing a thing!

As stated on my moderator application, I am experienced with FPS boosting. I know various ways to boost your FPS without purchasing anything.

How to raise FPS:

Step 1: Go to My Computer and right click it, click on properties, go to advanced settings, click on performance settings and click on Adjust For Best Performance. That should increase your FPS by 10.

Step 2: Get Gamebooster, turn it on, and defrag the game. Also, configure it to have all programs turned off.

Step 3: Go offline on Xfire and ex out any other programs running during Crossfire

Step 4: Get CCleaner and run the scan

Step 5: Get on CF, make sure your quality is on low

How to raise your Ping:

Only one step!

Modem Booster is a work of art that scans your PC to configure the absolute best settings for your internet, meaning it will lower your ingame ping by 5-10 and also speed up your internet/download speed. It is free!

Please leave feedback, this guide would have been more detailed, but I wrote it in 3 minutes.


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