File Modifications

Attention Mercenaries,


Starting August 9th we will be blocking any file changes in CrossFire, and any changes will receive "Error 31_9". This means that if you have altered any of the game files in any way, you will be ejected from the game and have to reinstall. This will also result from any files being corrupted during a patch. If you have this issue, please follow these steps to reinstall:

1) Uninstall the game completely, and delete Z8Games folder from your program files folder
2) Perform system cleaning (Ex. Using CCleaner)
3) Disable your Anti-Virus real-time protection
4) Re-download the newest version of the game
5) Install the game
6) Add CrossFire and CrossFire folder to your Anti-Virus and Firewall exceptions list
7) Close all programs running in the background
8) Re-enable your Anti-Virus real-time protection


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