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  • Hi, sent application and PM'd you Atomantz!
  • Wanna be a Cat? We have 2 spaces available. We only want clean cats. Any cats with dirty claws after scratching over their Pooo in the litter tray need not apply.
  • ]KKS]KKS Knight
    searching for so long now... Chats without a7a or 555 or hhhhh. I might apply to your clan. Give me a view of it.
  • We are mainly recruiting in game now but send us a decent message and we will consider you.
  • Any English out there still? or English speaking at least. We are about to purge our clan and are looking for some new members. Send application to CyberLilly and do us the honour of sending a message at least with your application. Our aim is to just have fun and go with it so we dont need tryhards. Interested? Apply now.
  • stt33fstt33f Beginner
    yes i am intersted can i ablly?
  • Wanna be a Cat?

    You know what to do. Come and join us. Rank 80.
  • seafrogseafrog Holy Knight
    we should get better at having people on Discord. Its nice to chat with people while youre on CF
  • Meoooooooow ;)
  • Fresh kittens need to fill the remaining spaces :P

  • LMN97LMN97 Beginner
    I would like to join your clan! :)
  • Hey .. do you accept egyptian - Ak rifler Cats? :) im beko_90 :
  • Would love to join

    IGN - AkuAlias -
  • Hey Sorry forgot to mention that you need to be at least Captain rank. Thanks for the messages. Good Luck.
  • Rank 38 GIRL POWER!!!! ( With a little help from the guys ) <3 xx
  • LancerAk47ARLancerAk47AR Knight-Errant
    AtomAntz wrote: »
    Looking to pick up a couple. Interested? apply to CyberCats.

    I would totally love to join Mr. Antz x) <3
  • I most graciously accept Ms Freya. Long time no see <3
  • KyokoChanKyokoChan Knight-Errant
    I like to join and i online everyday.
    this is my account:
  • OK Cobra you are welcome to apply. Hopefully see you soon ;)
  • Clan born in 2010. Rank 37 and we have 3 spaces available. If you need a fun clan, then join us.
  • DanyanpDanyanp Beginner

    Hi my name is Ivan iam from Ukraine and my english is low , wanna join to CC if its real

    contact me in game or forum
  • Welcome to the Cat family Ivan <3
  • Can I join as well Antz?

  • nknk2sdnknk2sd Beginner
    vampygirl wrote: »
    hello everyone

    clan cybercats are recruiting new people who would like to join to an very friendly and fair clan? :)

    for anyone who would like to join cybercats clan read the rules to understand what our clan is all about!

    1)no hacking - kick!
    2)no glitching - play fairly
    3)no farming - that's cheating
    4)no clan hopping - you can't rejoin
    5)be active - earn at least 15 clan points a month
    6)no light tricking - leaving clan wars
    7)check news & messages pages regularly
    8)sense of humor - very important
    9)be always friendly with everyone
    10)have fun ;)

    about the clan*

    this clan is an international clan, so you have to be able to talk english! ;)
    we encourage competition however don’t say things you shouldn’t.
    We are a friendly clan who aim to have fun whilst playing this great game.
    This clan is perfect for friendly and fun players.
    We also use raidcall an easier program to communicate while we are in clan wars or in pub rooms, just download it and you'll find the id room in our clan messages. So what you waiting for? :) apply now ;)

    for any players who want to join cybercats clan please include some information about yourself when applying.
    Tell us if you know any existing clan members.
    Information such as: Where you are from / how old are you / why would you like to join us?
    Also, players without honorable solider ribbon will need to explain why you’ve lost it.

    Easy if you like to make new and good friends, and staying in a fair clan, then don't lose any more time and join us :)

    here's our clan page:

  • iLoveZPloL wrote: »
    Can I join as well Antz?


    Hi Need. Welcome to clan. I know you already joined us and thanks for being a friendly and active player.
  • DanyanpDanyanp Beginner
    Welcome to the Cat family Ivan <3

    Thanks you , my online today is little but after summer iam free and u can see me every day :D
  • xVermxVerm Worthy
    Still looking for new active members with somewhat decent english skills, since we're an international clan.
    Did we mention that every new member gets a free cake as a welcome gift?
  • not free cookie boo ^^
  • xVermxVerm Worthy
    We got scones though
  • yidongfangyidongfang Apprentice
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