Welcome to the new Community Events

Welcome to the new Community Events section of the Z8Games Forums!

What is the purpose of this new section?
Recently we have seen a great surge in events coming from our community members. Each day we strive to bring awesome game-wide interaction but we love it when we see community members step up and bring their friends and forumers into the game to have fun. As a result of that, we've decided to give you all a home to post your events, organize and discuss rules or options and then, the most important part, gather your groups and have fun in CrossFire!

For all official Z8Games events please make sure to watch our regular CrossFire Announcement Forum:

Are there any preferred rules?
Yes, of course! Remember that all forum rules apply. We would also like to include some courtesies to other players.
  1. Plan your events around the other ones you see on the boards. If someone is having an event at 3pm on Tuesday, maybe you would like to do yours on 3pm on Wednesday? This is just a courtesy so everyone can be involved as much as possible.
  2. Take note of title formats, use this an example: "Ghosts and Ghouls Halloween Tournament II - Oct. 12 to Nov. 12, 2013". Over time we'll create a format and a template that works best for everyone!
  3. Show respect and sportsmanship to everyone who just want to have fun in CrossFire!
Over time we hope that people will get used to a format and we'll become more efficient and more fun can be had for all players within our community. New events can be posted, and we're even looking to create calendars or open up some of the other forum features for these things.

What kinds of events can you hold?
If you're looking for inspiration on events, then look no further! You could run anything like:
  1. Tournaments
  2. Raffles/Drawings
  3. Screenshot Contests
  4. Video Contests
  5. Fan Art Contests
  6. And a lot more!
There's no limit to what can be done with you, the community, your friends and more. Post your idea, discuss, plan organize and let the game be your inspiration. Keep it within the rules of the game, the Terms of Use and the forum rules and everyone can have the best time!

Do I have to offer prizes?
No, These events are for the fun and enjoyment of all players. Prizes are not required, but keep in mind that prizes do attract more competitors!

Additional Disclaimers
Please note that these are community run events, Z8 is not responsible for any issues or prizes that go on throughout the events.

In addition, prizes offered by players are "at your own risk". There is no guarantee for prizes run by players.

Please do not share your account information with anyone.
The forums here are public, and by posting your event you understand that Z8Games may, from time to time, step in and either help the event, promote it on their website or social outlets or be involved in some way. This will not happen for every event. Please do not beg mods or z8games for prizes for these events. However a Z8Games representative may be in touch with an event organizer to help support or provide information/advice.

If you're interested in co-operating and possibly helping out with Moderator run events and broadcasts, make sure to join them by clicking here! We love to see new faces helping this great community.

Good luck, and get cracking!

Big thanks to our Moderating team for helping make this section possible.


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