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    What is the best gaming PC now?
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    What is the best gaming PC now?

    I'm in a similar situation and searching better options- actually considering the Intel Core i7-9700K or Core i7-8700K.

    Ok, huge range in price right? Absolutely. Right now paired with my 5700xt I'm not expecting a huge leap in performing across the three for current gen - but reading into what's going into Halo Infinite makes me lean towards saving up for the Ryzen 9.

    I built my tower towards the end of 2018 and got my 1800x on sale for a great price, luckily my board will support this current gen but not next. So, I'm sitting here thinking should I pour the money into something that should be good for 2+ more years or buy the Ryzen 5 and do a compete system rebuild when AMD releases it's next socket.

    Who knows - but I'm in no rush and I'm going to wait till prices come down/wait to see the new Zen 3's to make my decision. I am also in search of quality gaming mouse.I had some bad experiences and it would be great if some one pick any affordable and quality gaming mouse from the list Any other recommendation is welcomed
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