bright days or dark days

Ok i need some of your opinions.
First lets start with something and that is hacking.we all know that there is no more clean room, where u can play for fun and improving your skillz.Those days are over,from my point.I remember back those days when cf was a greatest game with less hackers but those memories are fading.Now where ever you join no mather what mode there is 1 hacker.i simply cant even try to finish mission or to get my badge i m simply on the edge.Today i saw the hacker who i did report him 2 days ago and they say that auto ban doing great work.well i could say its wrong.This is the darkest days for this game if i go anywhere in any room i just see people hacking and they using them for geting the win and be4 they are at victory they kick him.Ironic win isnt it?
I m simply tired of everything idk who i can ask for farming because i have less confidence to my friends now because i saw 1 of my friend hack and i was almost angry at him(not inclan member)
is there any room except the forumers room where i can play with mid players or do i must search for people who farms and join them.Simply i dont want to do that,i dont want to go the adigas way but what are the options to do.
so my question is do i must go to farming getting my kills like that without going on some " hacking " room or there is 1 channel where there are no hackers at all and some low players that u can easy beat them.

dont troll because i m sick also of them.U can flame on me because i m simply tired of hackers and i dont know what to do anymore.
Pls help me :/
also this isnt QQ thread this is the post on fact that is happening right now in community(sry if i did misspelld because i learn english by myself and i need still to learn)


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