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  • Yo.

    I hate BR's.
  • Will be fully infracted by myself for all the boards starting today, as per the Forum Rules thread under Rules and Conduct : http://forum.z8games.com/showthread.php?t=19

    You will get 1 warning, then an infraction for every subsequent post or thread.

    This more specifically will be targeting the threads and posts of users who have specifically gone out of their way to comment about a users nationality or country in an insulting or hurtful way.

    I will be prunning the boards tonight in regards to this issue. Every user will be given a grace day (Tuesday March 23), as only warnings will be given out. Previous posts and theads will not be reviewed.

    Comments and question's can be added below.

    Thankyou Delaco, I have made a thread (although succesfull and unsuccesful) about all the hate for BRs. I really hope the American community can clean up their act and stop hating on normal humans.
  • If you don't want ppl making threads like these, then, why Z8Games don't just try to fix the issue.
  • Hm...
    I forgot what I wanted to say...
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