Fall Face-Off - Patch Notes!


DrillShip! Search and Destroy
Global Risk has invaded a Drillship anchored in a discrete location. Their intention is to collect natural resources in a grand scheme to dispose of Black List once and for all, with brand a new top secret military apparatus. Black List must work fast to detonate a single C4, to terminate their plans.
[New VIP]

Desert Eagle-El Dorado
A specially crafted legendary weapon, equipped with knives for quick melee attacks. Has the ability to shoot in the Akimbo style by holding down left click. It also features a beautiful golden design reminiscent of the mythical chief from whom it takes its name.

VIP Effects:
  • Double Storm
  • Special Attack
  • Combat Draw
  • +1 Ammo to all Pistols
  • 100% EXP boost for you
  • 20% EXP boost for all Players
  • 10% GP Boost for all Players

[New Weapon Crates]
New Glorious Phoenix Crate
  • AK-47-S-Glorious Phoenix
  • M4A1-Glorious Phoenix
  • D.E-Glorious Phoenix
[Weapon Ticket System]
Purchase a temporary Weapon Ticket from the item shop, and place it in one of your bags as a primary or secondary item.
Once in any of your 7 bags or storage, click the weapon selection button to view and select a series of temporary weapons with skins from various crates.

Rifle Weapon Ticket:
  • AK-12-UBS-Urban
  • G3A3-Silencer-Dual Magazine-Ares
  • AK-47-S-Cherry Blossoms
  • M4A1-S-Lily
  • SCAR Light-Ultimate Goldsmith

Sniper Weapon Ticket:
  • Savage 110BA-Frost
  • M200 CheyTac
  • Mosin Nagant-St.Georges Ribbon
  • AWM-Blue Sapphire
  • M82A1-Octagon Camo

Pistol Weapon Ticket:
  • MK.23 SOCOM-Sky
  • Mauser M1896_Hellfire
  • Anaconda-Gold
  • Cop357-Fractal
  • Desert Eagle-Snake

[New Character]

Thoth Character
This character is named after Egyptian god “Thoth”, the god of transitions and boundaries. Thoth appears to be a double-agent from Global Risk who's infiltrated Black List via the Shadow Forces, and they are famous for strategy tactics and agile movement as their god Thoth. *Note that the Character displayed will depend on if you're on Blacklist or GlobalRisk*

**** Patch Notes ****
*System Changes *

* Player Weapon Storage has expanded from 512 items to 712 items*
* Overall improvements to Map Damage Zones*

*Bug fixes *

-Fixed an issue that caused various temporary VIPs to have no assets while in the item preview window
-Fixed an issue that the Steyr TMP-Dead Eye to have an incorrect display name
-Fixed an issue that allowed players to penetrate through the Central Road steps on the S&D Map Mexico
-Fixed an issue that caused the Wacky Summer crate to output an Invalid item information error


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