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  • STunn4HSTunn4H Holy Knight

    -I get fullflashed
    -I shot
    -I get a Blackscreen
    - just can close the game via Taskmanager
    - happens to me in uk4 and 1 and uk clan server
  • Is this a bug or my gpu's problem.

  • voyager40voyager40 Holy Mage
    I think the Thompson VIP's +20% Fever Bar ability is broken after this patch, my fever bar is taking a lot longer to fill up and the "20%" UI that used to appear over my fever bar is no longer shown. I've tried taking it out of my bag and putting it back in and there's no change.

    Edit: It appears to be working now, not sure why it wasn't yesterday.
  • Moe_detaMoe_deta Moderator
    DX Char: The fall damage skill isn't working.

    ZM: Random client error for doing "normal moves" such as shooting, running, typing, and not moving.

    No Reg, massive lag spikes.

    Drunk Atlas.

    Arena TDM, Headshot Mode, only the host has to hit the head to get a kill. Other players can slash/stab any parts of the body and get a kill.

    Web mall: Before the maintenance you can only own 3 of each bp permanent weapon. After the maintenance I was able to have more than 6 m4a1 silver, more than 6 m16. But only 3 AK silver.

    Crater ZM: You can use the Gatling gun by pressing E. (duh) Now if you throw a nade then hold E then move back, you can take the Gatling off and shoot zombies but it does no damage. If used for long it either drains your HP or gives you a client error.
    I couldn't find the video someone made about it so I used a SS of mine!
  • Xmas in july 2014 ribbon not arrived after 3 days.

    found the mistake.
    it seems that the normal christmas come, but once a year ribbon is given out instead of the xmas in july ribbon.
    this guy was one of the first who won the m14 xmas. he has no other xmas guns but the ribbon.
  • -Sorting options

    Didn't the GMs make an announcement about this? I'm quite sure it hasn't been fixed yet.

    -Quick find lobbies

    Seems like a cool and tacky feature. But it doesn't work... u might want to check this out

    -Web mall bugs

    They are real. :O

    -Clan war servers

    The down time is real :O
  • Moe_detaMoe_deta Moderator
    Mr_Father wrote: »
    -Sorting options

    -Web mall bugs

    They are real. :O

    Let me add to your post :p

    Web mall bugs: pricing of the Cowboy Hat and the names of the star (char) and the SIA (char)
  • Is this a bug or he is Hacking ?


    Still ?

  • The Game need a fresh update, the bugs are now so heavy, the FPS is bad etc... the game need help...
  • Osi_as wrote: »
    Is this a bug or he is Hacking ?


    Still ?


    Have you never seen a box glitch?
  • I figure it would be for the best if we all collect bugs, issues, etc, in the same place. This update unfortunately did brought up some issues, which some of them are already noted, but who knows what else might be lurking around.

    If you encounter any issues you wish to share, so that we could report them and possibly see them fixed, by all means, post them here! I guess we could also take this opportunity to includes old bugs you may be aware of; that we don't.

    Although, if you want to report a glitch or some sort, I would ask you to send me a PM instead. We wouldn't want other users to learn how to perform x glitch, would we? :P Also, if you could resize your images so that it doesn't exceed the forum's limit, that would be great (800x600 works fine). Anyway, here's some examples of things you can report:
      Misaligned/Missing UI, Textures, Text, etc.
    • Typographical error, unreadable sentences, Engrish.
    • Programming error; things/events not happening as it should, etc.
    • Client errors, damage zones, map/mode specific issues, etc.
    • The list goes on!
    That being said, fire away!

    Edit: Bugs/Issues noted so far:
    [[color=lawngreen]o[/color]] = Successfully checked and reported*
    [[color=#ECE5C6]-[/color]] = In my list of thing that need to be checked.
    [[color=red]×[/color]] = Couldn't reproduce; might need additional information.
    Fixed bugs/issues will simply be removed from this list!
    [size=1]*Sometimes screenshots will suffice.[/size]
    [[color=red]×[/color]] Unearth's zombie snipers can shoot through walls.
    [[color=lawngreen]o[/color]] Visual issue with Barrett Reload/Draw animations.
    [[color=#ECE5C6]-[/color]] Combat Axe's slash speed possibly lowered.
    [[color=lawngreen]o[/color]] Crater have some random damage zones.
    [[color=#ECE5C6]-[/color]] DSR-1 Red Tapes repeating sounds.
    [[color=lawngreen]o[/color]] Incorrect player Info. 2_5 in Wave Mode.
    [[color=#ECE5C6]-[/color]] One of SandStorm's wall causes 18_0.
    [[color=lawngreen]o[/color]] Scoreboard showing multiple revenge signs.
    [[color=#ECE5C6]-[/color]] Achievements sorted by "Progress" will show up three time.
    [[color=lawngreen]o[/color]] The "Soldiers Wins" announcer voice doesn't match the rest.
    [[color=lawngreen]o[/color]] No Wave Mode tab in the sorting options.
    [[color=lawngreen]o[/color]] Sorting Options not acting as intended.
    [[color=lawngreen]o[/color]] TD Clan War with 10 secs respawn by default.
    [[color=#ECE5C6]-[/color]] M14 Gold, KSG-15 & Winchester sound issues.
    [[color=#ECE5C6]-[/color]] Snipers (MSR, AWM) Scopes sound missing.
    [[color=lawngreen]o[/color]] Some of the community options reset itself.
    [[color=lawngreen]o[/color]] Suggestion to prevent invitations while in option.
    [[color=#ECE5C6]-[/color]] SandStorm still play sounds even when turned off.
    [[color=#ECE5C6]-[/color]] Damages inflicted upon first spawn in Orbital Station.
    [[color=lawngreen]o[/color]] The "File not found" error when playing Wave Mode.
    [[color=lawngreen]o[/color]] Glitch spot in the map Castle.
    [[color=lawngreen]o[/color]] Receiving friend request while playing. 
    [[color=lawngreen]o[/color]] Several tower issues in Wave Mode.
    [[color=lawngreen]o[/color]] Auto-firing weapons upon respawn.
    [[color=lawngreen]o[/color]] Wave Mode achievements not working as intended.
    [[color=lawngreen]o[/color]] High fives in Stadium could use some improvement.
    [[color=lawngreen]o[/color]] Blinking and disappearing weapons.
    [[color=lawngreen]o[/color]] Damage spot in Stadium leading to a 24_13 error.
    [[color=#ECE5C6]-[/color]] Possible frame drop in Compound, Spain and Crater.
    [[color=#ECE5C6]-[/color]] Resolution "0" in options when restarting the game.
    excuse me sir i want to play crossfire here in z8games but everytime i log in is said that my region is invalid
  • Mr_Father wrote: »
    Have you never seen a box glitch?

    yes,i have written 'Still' i thought these glitches were patched but people can still do that.
  • I3ringI3ring Apprentice
    When I play on a high resolution it crashes and changes automatically into 800x600
    Note|I was playing on 1024 and 1200 resolutions....
  • ChumYChumY Viscount
    All new modes like Wave Mode and Shadow Mode don't get reseted when u use an item like Stats Reset Bundle or any other kills/deaths and wins/losses reset item. Please fix this, It's really annoying. I just hope it's not to hard.
  • FP Gun

    So there is a bug for point mall gun. (FP)

    I bought a 1 day M4 Crystal (applies to all guns) and was using it to get gp but not repairing it after games. So eventually to repair my M4, I need 2000 gp but I logged off thinking I would break the rest of it (500 gp total of 2500 gp to repair crystal gun). However the next day when I logged in, the gun was malfunctioned and needed 2500 gp to repair but I left it at 2000 gP. This has constantly been happening but sometimes it doesn't if I don't log out.

    TL;DL: Crystal gun brought with fp point breaks by itself magically and becomes malfunctioning.
  • HEYYYY!!!! Get back to work and fix North America West Server!!.... 3 days have passed and they have not done anything. We can not play on Alpha because it is full of hackers and my ping goes to hell... You better do something, we spend our money and time in your game, so at least fix one room.
  • GM laboratory sound bug


    I play a lot of Ghost Mode and I camp this spot a lot as GR. If a ghost kills me while I'm sitting here, and they set the bomb, I get a sound glitch-an incessant beeping noise. In subsequent rounds, every time the ghosts set the bomb, the beeping occurs. The only way to stop the beeping is to go near the bomb (well not a good option as you can't hear things through the beeping), or restart the Crossfire client.

    The beeping sounds just like the bomb beeping, but faster. It also sounds like when you try to shoot a gun with no ammo.

    I also sometimes get client errors as I'm crouching around this spot, although I can't reliably reproduce the client errors, it happens maybe 10% of the time.
  • Ouros_donoOuros_dono Knight-Errant
    Pretty sure the fall damage reduction on DX Heroine does nothing. I've taken falls that are really short and taken damage, and I still seem to take the same exact damage from a fall from every fall as I do normally.
  • Graphical bugs in wave mode.

    Since the last patch I've been seeing graphical problems with wide swaths of the battle field blocked with crisscrossing bars of terrain that completely hides the enemy characters behind it. Once you move past where the wide strips are appearing only then can you see the enemy behind them. Also when soldiers are killed they are producing green splatter. The bars subsist all the way through the match and do not subside. I remember a few games in the past that would have a memory overflow problem where if you alt+tabbed out of the game and back in that it would clear up any issues like this. This does not work sadly.

    You can walk through the bars. You can look over and under them if you are not eye level with them. This happens with multiple guns. Using a sniper you can use the scope and the bars disappear. Leave scope mode and they reappear.

    I thought it might have been a driver problem on my side. I uninstalled the video card driver and went back to the previous driver. That had no affect.

    It happens in about 10% of the matches that I join.

    I'm using
    1. MS Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit SP1
    2. ASRock 990FX Extreme4 mobo with latest bios
    3. G. S.kill Ripjaws Series 8GB (4 x 2GB) 240-Pin DDR3 SDRAM DDR3 2000 in dual channel @ 1720 MHz, clocks 9-10-9-28-47
    4. AMD FX(tm)-4350 Quad-Core Processor tuned @ 4.6 GHZ
    5. 2x In SLI. NVIDIA GeForce 9800 GTX/9800 GTX+ over clocked from BFG Tech factory (who's sadly no longer in business because they built their stuff right). core at 755 MHz Shaders 1890, Memory 1150. Able to OC it 15% more with stability easily, but temps get a little high.
    6. 2x Western Digital WD RE4 WD1003FBYX 1TB 7200 RPM 64MB Cache SATA 3.0Gb/s 3.5" Internal Enterprise Hard Drives
    7. Acer GN246HL Black 24" 1ms 144hz HDMI Widescreen LED Backlight LCD 3D Monitor 350 cd/m2 100,000,000:1


    Need anymore info let me know.
  • Abel95Abel95 Grand Duke
    1) Headshots do not appear/display on the top right corner when playing Mutant Mode. E.g. Killing a mutant.

    2) Devastated equipment appears in a different colour when you equip it to preview it in your storage. The equipment is red however, in the preview, it shows blue.
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