Official suggest new Ribbons Thread

apqlwma wrote:
I have noticed people really like the Ribbon system and many of you have great ideas for new ribbons. In this thread you can suggest and discuss about suggested ribbons.

As Saidin said we wil get ALOT of ribbons.

This thread will help our staff to keep an eye on Ribbons suggested and wanted by the community.

Ok so here are mine:

- "Veteran Scribe" : Have been a forumer since over a year.
- "CrossFire is My reason to be" : Have played in atleast 10 000games
- "zp for my clan" : Have deposited zp to your clan bank
- "High placed" : Be LT or Leadder of your clan
- "Deserter" : have atleast 1000desertions.
- "Lucky at GP crates" : Have won the best prize in a gp crate
- "Lucky at zp crates" : Have won the best prize in a zp crate
- "Millionaire" : Have won 1 million gp in a single crate
- "CrossFire Elder" : Have created your account over 2years ago
- "Dog Tag Collecter" : Have trade your Dog Tags atleast once
- "Easy Kills" : Possess an M12S or a Scar Light.

I'll not give all my ideas otherwise you won't have anything to suggest .

Alright so if you have a suggestion for ribbon ideas, post them here. Just remember to be logical!

King Midas- Own atleast 1 golden weapon.

Raging Soldier- have more than 500 desertions

Halloween- like the Christmas one, you own a permanent halloween gun

BlindRob's revenge- you own a permanet Winchester

Look at all the silver!- you own both the ak silver and silver m4a1

Pride Warrior- Never have reset KDR or Win/Loss

My name, don't wear it out- Never have change your in game name.

hopefully the gm's see this and get some ideas. Also post your ideas as well!


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