ZP Storm: Back to School - All September long



  • smhaksmhak Apprentice

    I didn't win even once.... and so the last event I didn't win either.... what is happening... what? >:) B) B)

  • please 10000zp please <3 :) :'(

  • add10000zp pales

  • I 100000ZP 3lbe gm

  • smhaksmhak Apprentice
    edited September 2021

    I want to win even once !?

  • I 100000ZP 3lbe gm

  • Hya yo okay
    i 100000tlaf zp byes

  • why dont won in this evant

  • smhaksmhak Apprentice

    This person won 4 times
    ... What happens I do not win What is the problem?

  • smhaksmhak Apprentice

    5 won :# ??????!!!!!
    no won me ?

  • smhaksmhak Apprentice

    6 won:#??????!!!!!
    no won me ? :'(

  • @[GM]Moony said:

    Attention Mercenaries,

    Our meteorological services have advised we will have sporadic rain the whole month,
    At first, it might sound like a bummer, raining on the last days of summer vacation,
    But you better keep your eyes open and don't think bad of this weather,
    Because this rain is gonna make you want to be under it as much as possible!
    *Moony takes out his piggybank to catch as much falling ZP as possible*

    During ALL September long, we will have a ZP Storm raining in all our servers. Every 30 minutes, one random active player will be selected to receive 10,000 ZP!

    Keep in mind that you will need to be logged in the game during the whole 30 minutes lapse in order to be eligible for each draw.

    Check if you have won HERE.

    We wish you all good luck... And in case of a real storm, take this! *Moony gives an umbrella*

    See you at the ZP stormfield,
    -CrossFire Team

    Hello I've been playing this almost everyday I hope I win

  • Hello I've been playing this almost everyday I hope I win

  • why no won in this evant

  • plez 100000

  • pleaz 10000 i love you gm


  • i want 10000 zp but we are waiting here i opent crossfire from 6pm to 6 am 0 zp i get xD ... Gm dont give us zp btw XD

  • Pls Me Need Win 10000 Zp

  • i play all day and i don't win 10k zp...why?

  • i Wanna 10k ZP IGN: fhtygtr :) <3

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