September Update Patch Notes - 09.02.20



Mass Mutation Mode – Financial District

In this Mass Mutation Mode, race to the finish alongside your fellow Mercenaries, while fighting off those who've already turned! Get those checkpoints! Check your corners, and most importantly, Hold your ground!




Ranked Season 13

New season, new rewards & new Rank!
Ban system starts from Master+
Once you ascend past Legend you will be put into Mythical Rank.
Therefore if you were to
*knocks on wood* derank from Mythical, you will be placed in Legend Class 4

Both Mythical and Grand Master will only go off a point based system.
Wins = +3
Lose = -3
Leave = -6

So be sure to get your comms in order, get your aim in check, and get your competitive pants on to climb the ranks this season!


ZM Ranked Season 2

Haunted Mansion

There is a new addition to ZM Ranked and it comes in the form of a new map.
Fight shoulder to shoulder with your fellow Mercenary fending off the Zombie hordes attacking your last stronghold.
Be on the lookout for newly added Stats (5) that can help enhance your fight, or seek to make your fight THAT much harder.

A Group Finder system has been added to help find players with the same goal as you.
Otherwise you'll play with AI that also can be change into Mutant if not protected.

Phase 2 will bring in a Savior AI to help fight by your side!




Mass Mutation Mode Improvements

We've decided to add more to the experience of Mass Mutation Mode, by giving more options. On both sides.

Turned into a Mutant, but want to become even more powerful? Get enough experience and the right supplies to become the ultimate Terminator!

Survive long enough to be among the last of the Soldiers? Pop that Hero transformation and search your surroundings for supplies to become a Master!


M200 Cheytac-Dominator


A new Sniper has been added to the Cheytac family, with its own defining perks.

Lost those pesky Mercs inside the smoke?
Aim at the smoke and the Dominator's Sharp View perk will help you sift through the smoke for your target.

Mutant getting to close for comfort?
Put a shot into its shoulder (anywhere on the target really) and get that increased movement speed.

These are only a few of the perks the M200 Cheytac-Dominator has to offer.




You've seen him
You know him
It's Dean

Showing up to the rodeo with his Wild Uppercut ready to start and immediately finish any fight.
Teammates toss a grenade is your direction while your in full assault of the enemy, no sweat for Dean.

Dean has a lot more tricks underneath his rolled up sleeve, check em out.

- Legend Badge reward is the wrong model
-Grand Master Kill Mark missing
- Broadcaster menu is missing
-Observing game UI for guns is missing


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