CFCL Open Registrations!



  • eX_MakavelieX_Makaveli Holy Knight
    maniacyt wrote: »
    Thank you for the support and Immortal technique xD

    No problem my teams also waiting as well and yeah Immortal technique one of the rawest artist.
  • G_FlexG_Flex Holy Knight
    is there going to be a roster change period of time like in cfcl elite?
  • any new about cfcl open?
  • please look over the E-sport tickets my teammate submitted 4 tickets over the weekend.
  • can't sign up for CFCL open any more???????
  • Please look over the e-sport tickets T_T we signed up for cfcl open August 4 but they didn't approve it.
  • qeoqeoxdqeoqeoxd Beginner
    what a weapon i'll use in cfcl open?
  • hello,

    could some1 help how to signup, i cant find anything tho.
  • Hello, I need to sign up my team for CFCL open " UK region " 30/62018 - 30/6/2018 "
  • when the sign up for CFCL open will strat ?
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