CFCL Open Registrations!

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Attention Mercenaries!

We are pleased to announce that the registrations for the CFCL Open League have begun!

CFCL Open strives to broaden the competitive pool, and allows players from all walks of life to enter!

Registration Period: July 21 - August 6

Registration Instructions:

1) Login to the CrossFire Website and Register your team on our eSports Registration Page.

2) You will be asked about the following:

- Team Name
- Home Server (Whether you will be playing in the UK or NA Division)
- Description about your Team

3) Once your application has been approved on the sign-up page, you can go to the Tournaments Page to sign up for it.

Brackets, and Rules are located on our CFCL OPEN page!

CFCL Open will be a great way to start your CrossFire competitive career, and a great way to improve your skills.

Don't miss this opportunity!

Play safe, and play for fun.

-CrossFire Team


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