Maidens Malice - Patch Notes



  • bander98bander98 Apprentice
    nice new system :)
    But when u change a Weapons in MP !? :3

    Ranked Match love <3
  • Waynes3Waynes3 Beginner
    The Crossfire v13 is not working ? It just said its missing some files and told me to Reinstall. I reinstalled 3 times its still not working. Now 3rd time i reinstalled im stuck on Crossfire Patcher v6
  • Awesome Update ^^

    IGN : SedeacK
  • Danah wrote: »

    Yes i mean the ones from the Summer Ribbon Event. They were distributed after the patch. Just like the Xmas in July ribbon.
  • SPOPON wrote: »
    What ribbons and what 35k EP??
    Last time I checked it was 10 free crate tickets and 20k EP

    I said: 2 ribbons, 35k EP and 20 free crates from THE LATEST EVENTS. The rewards were distributed after this patch. These are not the rewards from the current events.
  • Where is the bingoooooo
  • I_Wanted_I wrote: »
    Where is the bingoooooo

    The in-game notice says on the 18th of August.
  • Why are not counting games, battles, won or lost?
  • ..."Hmx Now is Full of Hac*s :/ {Fast Knife} Hope you found a Solution for this in the near future ^_^"
    IGN - -Kikokm7
    Clan - GRE4TS Clan #13 All time ^_^
  • _BeDo_BeDo Holy Knight
    Pyrex00 wrote: »
    where is bingo and when is the game coming back up?
    18 August we waiting ;)
  • This is legit the worse map I've ever seen in my life. There are no places to hide AT ALL.
  • i dont play this mode
  • Wow they still havent changed the items in the MP shop. Hope they change the items every months because its really easy to get mp but its kinda suck when u can only buy the same permanent knife
  • i won Barrett M82A1-Noble Beast, yeeeeeeeeeessssss ^_^
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