Maidens Malice - Patch Notes

[New Maps]

Naval Base!
Hero Mode X
Mercenaries docked to restock on essential warfare supplies, where they were struck by an unruly attack by bloodthirsty mutants! They must triumph over the epidemic before its spreads beyond the naval base; potentially infecting all of humanity with a fatal infection.
[New Mutation Character]

Maiden-Crazed Character
[IMG] copy.jpg[/IMG]

[New Weapon Crate]

Late Summer Noble Crate
  • Shovel-Noble Beast
  • Barrett M82A1-Noble Beast
[Pop-up/Buddy system improvements]
  • Improved visuals on data based pop-up notices
  • Reduced the amount of forced system popups by adding a 'System Notice' tab to the buddy system
  • Relocated the 'Friends List' and 'Invitation Management' to a CF Friends tab
  • Relocated the Message and 1:1 Chat to a 'Messenger' tab

**** Patch Notes ****
*Bug fixes *

- Fixed an issue that caused The Gatling Gun-Razer to not appear as a rare item if won through the Razer Set Crate
- Fixed an issue that caused users to be unable to disable the Laser sight on the Barrett-Iron Shark


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