Shadow Mode Guide

[Kinzu][Kinzu] Veteran Elite
This is not the Ghost Mode you know.

We have turned Ghost Mode on its head, in order to bring you Shadow Mode. Shadow Mode has lots of new ways to spot, locate, and kill your enemies, whether you’re a Ghost or a Mercenary! Some of the old Ghost Mode strategies will also be less effective in Shadow Mode. Allow us to break down the key points of the new mode.

Shadow Mode has two ways to play.

Elimination Match
A fairly standard Elimination match, in which one side tries to eliminate the other. First team to take down all enemies each round wins that round.

Infection Match
Infection Matches see both teams trying to infect the other. When you defeat an enemy, they are respawned—but on your team. Respawns are infinite in each round, so there is no limit to how many times a player can switch teams. Win the round by infecting everyone on the opposite team, or by having more players on your team when the time runs out.

Fury Ghosts
Watch your Transparency Gauge. The more you move, the more it goes up. The more it goes up, the harder you are to detect. But stop moving and your Transparency Gauge will start to go down—so get moving!

Rule #2: Watch out for Traps!
There are traps to help Mercenaries track down Fury Ghosts…Laser Sensors and Sprinklers are just some of the pitfalls that will tell your enemies where you are. Avoid these whenever you can.

Rule #3: Forget Bunny Hopping and Slashing
What worked in Ghost Mode can get you taken down quick in Shadow Mode. Jumping, attacking wildly, and staying still all deplete your Transparency Gauge, so try to keep your feet on the ground and time those attacks!

Sound is your best friend in Shadow Mode. Fury Ghosts move fast when they’re invisible, so those speakers or headphones could be the difference between hearing them coming—and not knowing what hit you.

Rule #2: Forget Spraying
In Shadow Mode, Mercenaries have a Gun Sound Gauge which fills up as you fire your weapon. Once this gauge is full, Fury Ghosts will be able to see your location on their mini-maps. Silenced weapons and small bursts fill the gauge slower, so be smart. Check your fire. But don’t panic--dropping your weapon will make the weapon itself appear on the Fury Ghosts’ mini-map, instead of you. Use this to bait your enemies into an ambush!

Rule #3: Master the Traps
The same traps that Fury Ghosts should avoid can be used to your benefit! Shooting the Sprinklers or watching for Laser trips can show you exactly where your enemies are. Find the traps, master them, and stay close to them if you want to survive.

Keep these rules in mind, and you just might survive long enough to become a Shadow Mode Pro!

- GM Kinzu -


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