We are a noncompetitive clan. We clan-war and occasionally scrim in echo 8. We will not be participating in ESG. This clan is looking for players with potential. You will need game sense. If you don't have game sense or logic then don't bother applying. Ventrilo is required for scrims and clan-wars. A mic is preferred so communication is easier. If you can't prove you're abilities then a tryout will be held. We are NOT looking for a drama queen. If you start arguments or you are a hothead don't apply. We are trying to recruit around 25 players to create a small community with a friendly environment. We are looking forward to go echo 8 if all goes well. We do not tolerate extreme trolling. If you do some hardcore trolling you'll be cut. Hacking, glitching, anything that is similar to that is not tolerated either. We highly dislike clan hoppers and you'll most likely not be readmitted unless we love you. We want active players. We do not want players who come on every week for half an hour. We want players who at least come on 3 days a week. If you can't access the internet or you just want a break, post a message on the clan page. If you apply make sure you have honorable solider ribbon. If you don't explain the reason why you don't have it. We are looking forward to create a new friendly clan. Join our community for a better game play and experience.

Exact rules stated on clan page

→Hacking, Glitching, Anything in that general area is a instant cut

→Ventrilo is required (preferred if you had a mic)

→Get some frags or get out

→Get some game sense or get out

→Try outs are to be given if you seem like you don't meet requirements

→Hardcore trolling should be reduced as little as possible.

→Active at least 3 times a week.

PM if you're interested. IGN: how?
Clan Page:

(Copied from ho's thread since dot is deleting our threads)


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