how to make more money and get a free haker game

C0t0lC0t0l Knight-Errant
1. make at least 1 VIP Server in each region
2. put a VIP name card in the mall. It will cost 100.000 zp and will be permanent
3, allow access to vip servers only for the players with vip namecard
4. erase vip namecard from reported hakers so they should buy vip namecard again if they want so.

Crossfire is a free game and if u get somethink for free you should not complain about it, but if u give real money for a product (special guns, extra exp, etc...) you should use it in good conditions.
Hakers are idiots who buy VIP hack for 10$ or so and will not give away 70$-80$ to hack on that server especially becouse they did not care who they kill. I once see 2 brothers and one use aimbot and other was fair and he get like 10/40 becouse his brother killed him to. If my brother would use aimbot on me I would beat him up 24 on 7.


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