U.S. SOCOM Mk 23 (Mark 23)

I want to introduce a new pistol, because we need more cool pistols and in reality it is VERY good secondary weapon with low recoil, and we can use it:

SOCOM Mk 23 (Mark 23):




Firepower: Same as USP + 7
Accuracy: 82
Automatic: 0
Recoil: 42
Weight: 31
Ammunition: 15/30

It uses .45 bullets, so it is quite powerfull bullets.
The Flashlight attachment, i think we should add it, because it makes the weapon AMAZINGLY cool, and a suppressor to make things silent ;)

I would really appreciate it if u could comment with clarify, awesomeness,
and if you agree this weapon must be launched...
Also I want to know if i made the Accuracy pretty high to edit it...
Im ''hanging'' of your comments :'D

My other suggestions: Intervention


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