New Patch - GP Issue

Hello CF Gamers,

We have recently been made aware of a GP Calculation issue within the game. This did now show up in testing. We are currently working on finding out what the problem is and correcting it.

Update 2:
We are not responsible for excess purchases via this problem. We will have the issue corrected as soon as possible. However note that your GP when purchasing these crates should lower down. If you attempt to buy 500 crates because you notice your GP not going down, we are not responsible for giving you 500 extra crates. We acknowledge that this is an important problem that must be fixed immediately. But we also recognize that with the visual nature of this issue, players will inherently be trying to abuse this to get free items. We will not condone this behavior.

We have tracked the problem to an update problem in your points. When you buy crates the GP and ZP are being taken away, however it is not displaying as such.

To check your actual numbers in game you can log out and log back in again and it will show the correct numbers.

This also explains why after you buy a certain amount of items, it eventually says "You do not have enough points to buy this item".

We are working on fixing this problem as soon as possible and will post more updates as we get them.
Please be patient while we work on the problem and find the solution.

If you see this occur with you please record what you were doing at the time. Screenshots are also highly beneficial. And send in a support ticket. Once the issue is resolved we'll make sure that your GP is restored and/or the items you purchased with the GP are on your account.

Thanks to the added information provided by people here.


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