A Guide to Opening Ports



  • Still dosen"t work !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Doesn't work.

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  • need

    need port range to enable the gameplay of the application
  • ok... wth....

    ive got disconnect everytime. and i went to a friend. he never gets disconnectet and we pleid together but than i got disconnectet... in his internet connection? O.o
  • Thank you for this info. I am just trying to setup CrossFire to work properly with my router. Opening the ports isn't an issue, it's giving CF a higher priority. I am sharing my internet connection with 3 other ppl so I have to prioritize games and stuff like skype on my router so they wouldn't lag when others are downloading something.

    I can prioritize by port in QoS settings so it's all good.
  • good info cloak but i tried it and when i went to run crossfire i still get the Xtrap problem xtrap patch server is unstable or cant run please restart game code:[10-0300-800401E4-104] can you please help i have tried everything and i have spent plenty of money when i used to be able to play crossfire now i have had to resort to combatarms until this is fixed and this problem was still here before i downloaded combatarms please help
  • Didn't help but, thanks anyway.
  • i opened the port but my frames per second jump down to around 9 or 10 after 10 or 15minutes of play time...is there anyway to fix this? i have a computer that runs windows 7
  • crossfire not want to open my help me plis
  • So now on a lighter note, do you have anymore ideas on what I might be able to do Grey? I have tried all the stuff you posted and still are getting dc'ed.

    I pretty much agree on everything he said.
    and if you know me, you would know that ive had dc problems ever since i started playing, its pretty annoying knowing the fact that i cant play one round in a game without waiting in clan server for 10 mins,and on that note i STILL dc even when im in the clan server.I never dc in clan server but for some reason ever since i updated the patch iv'e started dcing in the clan server so BASICALLY there is no other option than to hope and wait..
  • I followed Grey's instructions, or at least I think I did xD But got d/ced 5 minutes into a game just got a multi kill too T_T. I'm using a D-Link WBR 2310 router. I opened ports to 10009, 16666 and 13008, checked them with PF checker, they are open. I'm going to try opening up the ports in firewall too. I really enjoy this game and I feel like I'm letting down my clan when I get d/ced in clan wars =/ I'm also a Norton Internet security user < if that helps. I'm hoping the GM's will come up with another method to fix this, but I don't know what information they need to help find the reason for the disconnections of specific users. (Is something wrong with our computers? O_O) xD Thank you for your efforts Grey ^^ I relly want to start playing again. Is there anyway we can help you solve this problem?
  • Generally speaking, all communication to and from the internet happens through various 'ports' that exist for either the TCP or UDP protocols. Most firewalls will block almost all of these ports to prevent intrusions into your system. However, Crossfire makes use of three of these ports for the game and anticheat systems. The following guide will show you how to insure that these ports are open, allowing the game full access to the servers. Note that it seems like these blocked ports are responsible for the 'Disconnect Due to Incorrect Map Info' error.

    If you are using a router, it most likely has its own firewall. Unfortunately since there are many router manufacturers, its almost impossible for me to create a guide that would offer step-by-step instructions on how to set up these 'port forwards'. Please consult your router manufacturer's website for information on how to accomplish this. The ports you will need to forward are: 10009, 13008 and 16666 (both TCP and UPD just to be safe). If you visit http://portforward.com you can find instructions on how to forward these ports for your router, however Cross Fire has not yet been added to their list of games. Simply pick a random game and replace the values that they have listed with the values listed above.

    Even if you use a router, the Windows firewall is most likely active on your computer. The following steps were done on a Windows XP Service Pack 3 system, but Vista and Windows 7 should be nearly identical.

    Opening Ports on the Windows Firewall

    First, go to Control Panel and open the Security Dialog
    Click on 'Windows Firewall' under 'Manage security settings for:'

    Click on the 'exceptions' tab

    Click on the 'Add port' button

    Here is where the magic happens

    You will need to add 3 different ports, but each one twice (one for TCP and one for UDP). The name/port/protocols are as follows:

    Name: Crossfire
    Port: 13008
    Protocol: TCP

    Name: Xtrap1
    Port: 10009
    Protocol: TCP

    Name: Xtrap2
    Port: 16666
    Protocol: TCP

    Name: Crossfire
    Port: 13008
    Protocol: UDP

    Name: Xtrap1
    Port: 10009
    Protocol: UDP

    Name: Xtrap2
    Port: 16666
    Protocol: UDP

    Once these settings are done, you should be able to play Cross Fire without interruption. Remember, if you use a router you will need to make sure that these same ports are forwarded to your computer. I am occasionally available for help on the Cross Fire IRC channel that is listed in my signature.
    Hey Grey. Does it matter if ur ip address is dynamic or static? Because I think the ports might be closing and opening everytime my IP changes. My IP seems to change everytime I d/c, but I also think my firewall has something to do with it too. This is just theory, I'm going to try and change my IP to Static and see how it goes.
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    YAY YAY YAY YAY!!!!THANK YOU MR.MOD(not ur real name but whatever) i havent tried this yet but i will!, if it doesnt work it`s ok if i pm u and ask for further assistance?
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    nope...it dint work..im stil dc but the time to dc is now delayed.
    thought i lighten the mood
  • im trying it........ Hopefully i wont dc.. If i dont dc... I will kiss you greycloak
    oh it worked for u but not me! T_t
  • Nice guide!
    I hope this works for me :/
  • I'm not sure if this has been mentioned before, but in addition to configuring a router for port forwarding you should also set a static IP adress for your network connection in Windows.

    Without setting a static IP, if you have several computers connecting to a network, each time the computers connect to the router, the router will provide an automatic IP address. This IP address the router provides will usually be the next one available in order.

    EG: If your routers IP is the IPs sent may be, 192,168.1.3, etc.

    If you have setup your router to forward the ports to a specific IP address EG, the next time you connect to a network it may receive a different IP address as another computer is using the one you used previously, and so the ports will no longer be forwarded to the right computer.

    The following page shows you how to setup a static IP address for all versions of Windows.

  • This does not work. --'
  • thanks that helped me :D
  • will these ports make me lag less?
  • will these ports make me lag less?

    Way too bring back a old thread -_-.
  • I turned my firewall off completely which leaves every port open and surprise, it kept happening. How much more proof do we need to show this is a Z8Games problem?

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  • it works perferctly. Thank you.
  • Good job Grey ^^ From Pro killer :)
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