black market

delilandelilan Beginner

My chance of winning is 1%. What is the reason?


  • nuga120nuga120 Beginner

    why do u say that?

  • FATH3RFATH3R Worthy

    Your chance is actually lower than that. The reason is because people like you will continue to play it, shoveling money at z8, while complaining about the rates.

  • unknwnsldrunknwnsldr Beginner

    With the times as they are ...It seems Nero never died! And the dwindling amount of players on Crossfire to our dismay. I think it would be a wise business move to cut prices in half and make those old rifles that are only available with ZP make those so they can be permanent weapons, they would go like hotcakes and you would have a huge lump sum of our money! Gambling is just that so no tears on that issue. I believe there should be more incentives. Like using the crystal's to upgrade the M-4A1and the AK-47 so they can be superguns..gotta stimulate more! I can remember when the servers were packed and the rookie server was always full but in North America there are very few servers getting full...inject the economy! It will come back threefold!
    P.S. I hope you enjoyed the "wise business move to cut prices in half" I hope it made you laugh

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