Email Verification Guide



  • /COLOR] [COLOR=#2ecc71]Safety[/COLOR] [COLOR=#27ae60 is good now.

  • Same, I am also not getting any mail. Not in my inbox or in the spam-envelope. Have a Hotmail address, so I am likewise having Outlook. It seems like the G-Mail clients get their affirmation the quickest. Been 12 hours now, since my first attempt, so actually, 12 hours left until something isn't right, however, I have ADHD, so I disdain to pause.
  • Good thing I did this, 10 years ago.
  • Same problem here i don’t remember all the informations and i also don’t recieve the verification email !!! So what should i do !? Please help . Hotmail
  • KyokoChanKyokoChan Knight-Errant
    [GM]Kanadian What about the person that lose there pass?
    I got my main account i lose my yahoo pass that why i made this account.
  • reccxreccx Beginner
    dont undersstand why use this email verification, if it does not works?
    someone can change my mail without to acces my mail address. can you belive this?
    very cool thing!
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