Is There Another CFCL Tournament This Weekend?

Poppyseed187Poppyseed187 Knight-Errant
I am hearing rumors of there being another tournament this weekend.. When will it be announced if it is, where is the official post about the results about last week. When are further details to be released?

Again we don't mind waiting when at least something is communicated, but right after you guys come out of the shell for a quick second you go right back into hiding.

Just Simple Communicate with the Community, Please


  • [GM]Effects[GM]Effects Administrator
    Expect a tournament this weekend, details and signups will be up asap.
  • Informations ealier would be very great GMs, we are all older and dont have so much time anymore, but you do a great job to increase the tournaments prices to keep us to represent the versions. Just 1 more thing, keep the communitz active about the pro scenes whats going on, /|whats planned. And that early enough so that all players know whats going on and people like the game even more because everyone care.
    I hope to see a great upcoming active professional scene in this game. If we all got more informations and earlier then much more teams will try to win spots for lan events or money.
  • Poppyseed187Poppyseed187 Knight-Errant
    Expect a tournament this weekend, details and signups will be up asap.

    Thank you sir not trying to be a pest but as the participants we need to be given ample time to prepare and adjust our schedules. Thank you for your response and posting up the rules.
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