Signature Test Posts Here

For everyone who might require a test post, or to see what their signature might look like, if the spelling is correct or whatever, please use this thread.

Test posts or any such spam will get merged into here without warning. This thread will also be moderated for content. So even though it's a test thread you can still get warned/infracted/banned for breaking the rules.

We'll use this thread to show people some of the BB Code commands that you can use.

If you have an image uploaded to a site like Photobucket you can use the tags:
[noparse]and[/noparse] to show your image.

If you want to include a hyper link to text then use the tags:
[noparse] and [/noparse]

The boards will automatically parse a link into a hyperlink. If you want the text to say something different ala my link above, then use:
[noparse] [/noparse] where <website> is the link of the site.

These boards also have a WYSIWYG editor that can be enabled via your control panel -> options. This can help you with things like bold or italic text.

Anyways those are some basic commands for people to use and learn from.

Now you have a thread to test.


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