Charon is (once more) recruiting.


Charon is once more recruiting new members. Since several changes have been made since the creation of our last recruitment thread, we made a new one. Just because we know everyone likes reading our recruitment threads... Also, Charon is awesome (duh)

So which requirements does Charon have at this moment?

- Be active, mature and somewhat social.
- Play with your clanmates. It's why you're in this clan....
- Ventrilo is preferred, but not required (for the time being)
- Registration on our clan forum is also preferred. The forum contains info about the ventrilo and other more or less useful things.
- Be legit. Charon is part of the Legit Clan Coalition and does not tolerate hacking or glitching. If you are found to be hacking or glitching, you will be kicked immediately and will be placed on our ban list.
- English only in clan chat.
- We'd prefer if you said something about yourself in your application. Applications that are not in English or blank will be denied.

To other clans: if you see anyone from Charon hacking or glitching, feel free to report them and PM the leader or an LT with a replay file. (IronAvenger/BriRon and DUKEofYORK)

So join Charon today:
With you at our side, we'll be able to have more scrims and clan rooms.

(Did I mention that we're awesome?)

Note: If you are not the right type of person, then you will not fit into the tight-knit community. You do not have to be skilled, but knowing the basics and having mediocre aim is recommended.


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