Josh - LFT

IGN; Josh

Simply looking for a decent, serious team.

Gamesense ( I have just recently came back to this game, or any game(s) for that matter. Getting a lot of practice in to regain my accuracy/reaction time )
Weapon(s) of use: I currently m4 due to lack of rank for an awp. I'm willing to use both, But I much prefer my awping abilities over any other.
Mature, 17, not some annoying high pitched voice.
I've played this game since CB. ( Irrelevant )
Wanting to play in tournaments, no pub teams, sorry.
Active, so looking for a active team.

That sums it up for the most part, I suppose.
All I could think of off the top of my head, if there's anyone picking up/taking try outs comment with your clan link below please.

Thank you,
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