Guide to Seeing Ghosts in Light

at certain angles GR can see ghosts in lights, liek a site at lab. but not many people know that you can see them in the red light that glows around all the sights, some do soem dont.
im posting some pictures with ghosts in the lights of a site, this is just to show the different lights ghosts can be seen, there are more, liek fog and smoke, etc.

on hte right hand side behind teh metal thign that sticks out

you can see a non moving ghosts arm

on b site sometimes you can see ghosts on the tip thing that circles the top.
it all depends on hte angle you are compared to ghosts at these kinds of lights.
at relics b site, if there is a ghost in the red and orange symbole stuff on the brown stone things, and the bomb site, you can see ghosts.
if you knew these already good for you, some dont and a lot of people get kicekd over it.


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