Summer Crafts - All July Long

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Attention Mercenaries,

To give you the chance to find a hobby you can enjoy
While you are stationed without any missions assigned,
We have called a friend in a ceramic crafting company.
Subscribe to any of the courses and start molding with us,
They say we can make anything if we are careful enough,
So... why not a secret set of functional ceramic weapons?
*Don't say anything to the crafters, they can get scared!*

During the entire month of July, you will have the opportunity to develop another set of skills besides firing weapons with this bonus. Regardless of how much you top up, you will get 50% Extra ZP, and also the following set of items according to the amount:

Tier 1: From 5,000 ZP to 19,999 ZP

  • AWM-Blue Pottery (7 days)
  • War Fan Blue Pottery (7 days)
  • Bulletproof Helmet + Vest (7 days)
  • Free Crate Ticket x5

Tier 2: From 20,000 ZP to 99,999 ZP

  • AWM-Blue Pottery (30 days)
  • War Fan Blue Pottery (30 days)
  • Bulletproof Helmet + Vest (30 days)
  • Free Crate Ticket x10
  • Plus everything from Tier 1

Tier 3: 100,000 ZP or more

  • AWM-Blue Pottery (60 days)
  • War Fan Blue Pottery (60 days)
  • Bulletproof Helmet + Vest (30 days)
  • Free Crate Ticket x20
  • Plus everything from Tier 1 and 2

If this is your first ZP purchase ever, you will also receive: (Your purchase must be 5,000 ZP or more)

  • Change in game name x1
  • Free Crate Ticket x5
  • AK-47-Blue Pottery (30 days)
  • SPOP-ELITE (30 days)

Whatever your craft is, grab a tool and join us! *Moony brings other weapon blueprints to keep the production up*

See you at the battlefield,
-CrossFire Team
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