Exchange market feedback

I want to share with whomever this concerns, some feedback about this newly released system. I want to start by saying it is a step in the right direction for sure, but it needs major work to be a great step in the right direction. Let me start with my first point, guns that are not tied to a collection. I will use the spring crate, containing m4a1-spring and dual uzi pink as an example as it is relevant to me. The m4-spring and dual uzi pink are both in one crate, the m4-spring is part of a collection and therefore usable in the new system, the dual uzi pink is not part of any collection at all, rendering my 4 copies of the gun useless, even with this system in place. I suggest making all guns not part of a collection a category in itself, similar to what is done with ZM and GP weapons, this way all our weapons have some form of value even if not part of a collection. Secondly I'd like to make a point about people who already finished huge collections before this system was implemented. People who have finished a collection and have a few excess copies of each gun have no use for this system in its current state. I spun to complete a halloween collection of mine and I have a few excess guns, however they are useless since I finished the collection prior to this system being implemented. It would be really nice for you to add something for the people who went hard for a collection and got burned in the past, rather than only focusing on people not getting burned as hard moving forward. In conclusion: The system is a good step in the right direction but as of now it serves a very limited purpose and does not enhance the experience of your average player or high spender. The high spenders have finished collections with many excess weapons that still have no purpose and the average player has too many guns not part of a collection to make use of the system. Right now it is super niche and I hope to see it improved in the future given this has only just been released.


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