Honorable Soldier Ribbon Restoration


We would like to turn to the community about an idea. Before we start, let us be very clear that this is just an idea to see how does the community feel about it. However, this does not mean in anyway that this idea will eventually happen, regardless of any consensus that might result from the discussions on this thread.

Simply, the idea is to allow the restoration of the Honorable Soldier ribbon for users who lost it sometime ago due to one of any several reasons. This does not mean in anyway an automatic restoration, but rather creating an appeal process where users are allowed to submit a request 1 time only for his/her account to be looked into. If after investigating the account and all the circumstances that resulted into them losing their ribbon staff member have found reasonable doubt that the ribbon was lost due to any possible technical error or a 1 time mistake, it can be restored.

Again, this does not mean that everyone who lost the ribbon will get it even if they submitted an appeal. This process will start by collecting evidence, however it can likely end up in a judgment call, therefore nothing is guaranteed.

So, what do you think?

Note: This is a suggestion and a discussion, please keep it civil so we all share our opinions.

CrossFire Team


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