zm weapons in item shop?

Is there gonna be zm weapons (aa12/p90/tesla/burning shoot) ,in the item shop for 20k zp for each like in CF China?and if so is it gonna be any soon?


  • There is update tomorrow

    Is there any chance (after asking for it at every single patch for 2 years)...that we be able to break the fusion wings?? I don't care about jewels,just take them away,even without award.

  • There is update tomorrow

    Is there are chance for new coupons on tomorrow patch?....I'm not trying to tell any one what to do , but please don't screw the black friday for everyone and please change them

  • Any future content (new items, new options, ..etc ) remain unknown until will be announced.
    Breaking all ZM / PVE items was already suggested , now we only hope and wait will be added by devs.

  • ksmk gm's ya metnakneks

    barret ug/knife ug/mp5 ug from 1 year ago back?really?nothing new?really thanks for fck the black friday for all for the 2nd year

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