exit lag don't work CF

i tried to use Exit lag a software to reduce lag
when i try log in the game while it is on
the game dont start just stop at logging screen and after some time it gives me the server is full error


  • Exilag work at basic as a VPN , it change the connection path while using multiple paths and and is supposed to choose the most stable and fast one .... BUT :

    • Final result depends on many other things : your ISP , your connection type and speed, from what point on the original path can be changed to the new one exilag say is better ( and from your home to a central ISP or a country gateway you are only using your ISP servers and that path can't be changed )
    • In the end if the path is changed after the signal leave your country / area, then most like won't have a visible difference, and may be worse then normal connection (and clearly it is in your case).
      So don't mess CF game connection with any other things (as game boosters or other things .. etc ) as usually it get worse not to mention you can trigger game protection and ban your account.
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