Do you like HP products?

What do you think about HP products in general?


  • jamesfitjamesfit Beginner
    I have an HP laptop and I really like it. I read the reviews for a long time and chose a model with an excellent cooling system. The laptop does not heat up and works stably. At the same time, it does not create strong noise.
  • Yes, I do . I have an HP specter and HP printer.
  • Way better than Dell if I had to wager my two cents on their enterprise lineup. They (Dell) recently released a new line up of laptops where you have to restart your computer if you want to switch from using the speakers over to a set of headphones. HP can suck a fat one with their printers but you can guarantee your behemoth of a laptop still works after dropping it onto the floor a couple times.
  • The laptops are usually good though I generally hate laptops.
    The printers are crap these days, especially since they started an offensive against non HP-Original ink-cartridges. I trashed mine and switched to Canon.
    Their Desktop PC's are okay as office computers, but all (as almost all Company built PC) I have tried and owned since my first Pentium 2 HP, have had a major problem, they are way to badly cooled and are usually missing spaces for you to upgrade the cooling. Having have to drilled and cut wholes in chassis for extra fans to make it not suck (irony understood) that much.
    If you are a gamer, put your own computer together preferably using Full-Towers, so there is enough space for upgrades to anything and easy cable management.
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