Crossfire Esports Revival Tourney


  • MalteGRMalteGR Apprentice
    Please refrain from posing as me.
  • 9pm EST is literally 3 am in Europe. Good luck with that :D
  • JanBakerJanBaker Beginner
    Well, crossfire might not be one of the most popular games right now. CSGO is an older game, but Esports tournaments make it popular. There are games played all the time. I even have a favorite team, Natus Vincere. It's one of the best CSGO teams in the World. They are 2nd in the world now, but if they make a winning streak they will be first because Astralis lost a couple of games... You can see their schedule on You can sign up there to win some bonus points, if you have enough you can get a CSGO skin. They will play in ESL pro league playoffs next, and I can't wait to watch the games. I predicted them winning the tournament, and I hope they do because I want the new AK-47 skin.
  • Jace828Jace828 Beginner
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