Black screen problem (in-game)



  • BaffleddBaffledd Apprentice
    SnowMunzta wrote: »
    I have almost the same problem dude. But i havent any errors. My screen just become black and i press ctrl+alt+dlt and close it, i make this few times and my screen becomes normal

    I've been having this same problem also since the latest patch. ctr+alt+dlt seems to get my screen back to normal but it's irritating when you're in a clutch situation. Im trying to figure out what cause's this.

    anybody have any new leads on a solution?

    for the record my gear is very up to date and i have nothing running in the background with little to none process's running as well.
  • black screen when playing

    I got that problem to I go in on crossfire and sometimes it turns black directly then I need to restart my laptop. I got a new laptop now but i I dare not try to install it again. on my new laptop.
  • Jossuf999Jossuf999 Knight-Errant
    Same problem, i think is Radeon issue...
  • i dont think its radeon
    i have the same issue with the screen too...
  • matejs6matejs6 Beginner
    Same problem I think it needs to be fixed by the crossfire team.
  • guys plz anyone know how to fix it!!, my gpu is amd radeon hd 7000 series and i need the fix of this problem so bad!
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