What's Your Fav Horror games ?


  • Resident Evil: Code Veronica
    The last real Resident Evil game. It has a great story, but you got to read the notes spread out over the game to appreciate it fully. After this game they stopped using the locked-camera, moving player and went with behind the player view, which takes away a lot of horror. They also stopped using the item-management system, which makes later games less scary and stupider. 4 has a scary setting and good story, but could have been better. Revelations is okay though. 7 Is scary but isn't really a RE game and shouldn't have been called that.

    Silent-Hill 2
    By far the best and scariest SH game. The story is especially twisted and creepy. The sounds (eeeek), The enemies (Pyramid head cool) are the scariest of all SH enemies and the environments are all scary. One of the few games, I had to takes breaks from playing every 15 minutes or so. A lot of it is the sounds.

    I Have No Mouth But I Must Scream
    An old adventure game, that is really twisted

    The White Chamber
    An Indie Adventure with a manga touch. Creeepy.

    Alone In The Dark 4
    A resident evil kind of horror game. When you have a chance to push Light-buttons of, don't. (The first alone in the dark is one of the first survival-horror games, if you can stand the graphics, it's a nice game too.)

    Bonus - Every zombie-level in the Thief-games (check out fan-made levels too) and the Cradle level from Thief 3, I usually stop playing that game when that level comes, once is enough.
  • have you ever heard about fright night at Freddy's ? I love that game but also afraid of that game
  • RamonMRamonM Beginner
    my Fav is : Cry Of Fear

    Yup, it's my favorite too
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