Top 10 NA players (With analysis)

Top 10 players of all time

29-12-20, 02:42 AM
What are your guys opinions?

Leaving myself out of this,

1. Kingmoreo12 - Beast sniper, opens up sites while looking through walls and also can get you a few m700 headshot frags on eco and save rounds. Performs 1-13 in cfs quals but you can't only take that into consideration when you factor the longevity in his career of producing 4-10 frags a game on client. Something like that cannot be overlooked. Easily slept on.

2. Sunny Vertex - Doesn't even need teammates. Opens up games so easily getting picks everywhere on his own. Will get your team flanked or communicate miscalls though as a tradeoff. Easily 2nd best worldwide.

3. X0tek - Has studied every atom of every map and gun in the game. Truly the Aristotle of Crossfire. Has hawk eyes also and that comes in handy with his shot + identifying cheaters such as Daniel.

4. CBN Fatmous - Presence in almost every NA major tournament with a lot of lan experience. Cries over 80 ping though even though he's vsing people 3 tiers below him 99% of the time. I just can't find a way to put fatmous any higher in my list. 4th all time tho, not bad at all.

5. dannychengo - Tunnel visioned ghod. To most, tunnel vision screws up their play, but not with chengo. Chengo will literally pop off in subbase mid and then get flanked and scream wtf? Such a treat to have on your team, boosts team morale +150% and adds 50% increased accuracy and speed to all his teammates.

6. wizdom - Master of spraying down the noobs. Cries when he has to aim quickly vs good people though, so I can't place him any higher.

7. logic - Highly successful player with TONS of experience and tournament wins. His recent performances in CF - elite and being a factor in his team placing at the bottom consistently as well as his performances against NoReg in 2018 cfs quals bumps him down from the 1-2 spot to #7. Wild card, his position could change to #1 with the upcoming events not having team NoReg to compete against.

8. michaeldrk - Call him what you want, but he has either fooled everyone for years or is the true wizard of the game. Mastermind. Will outplay your entire team if your team isn't tight in playing safely. I had to rank him 8 because I slapped this kid all day when I had reg and always knew he tried to go for the outplays.

9. p1kazz - You can't name a better player with 30 fps than p1kazz. Will make 30 fps look like 200 straight up. Monster performer with 30 fps. His skill is locked and could easily climb to rank 1 if he gets better fps.

10. Flanker Frozo - Flanks every single round, no matter how late he is. Will get your team screwed over by never having a rotator to defend site, but the tradeoff is that he will 1v4 or 1v5 retake every time. On the rare occasion that he doesn't clutch the round for you, he will claim he has no reg too. Would probably be bumped up several spots in this list if his reg was good.

honourable mention: Poorex13. Art of reviewing guns and killing no reggers. Aims at feet so he doesn't make the list.


Yours truly,



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