• Wondering how long they've been cheating for..
  • Getting the last appointment to come for the therapy after his office was done easily for Abe and everything was going fine. This slightly warm afternoon of the last week in May, Abe, got stuck in the office and he called to ask the therapist, if he was still available in the office about half an hour late than the time of his appointment and was glad when Jared told him that it was ok. Jared was actually going to be in the office, doing some update work on the patient’s files and he said, Abe would be given a VIP care as nobody else would be there except the two of them and Abe thanked him too because he was feeling his back hurt since that morning. Abe tried and managed not to be overly late and was very happy to know, as he arrived that Jared was about to finish up with his last therapy appointment. After saying hello, Abe was ready to leave for the change into his t-shirt and the mesh Lycra shorts; when Jared asked him if he was going to do his routine of stretches, treadmill, bike ride and as Abe answered in positive, Jared said, he was going to be in his office to update some profiles and shall see Abe in about 15/ 20 minutes in the therapy room or the main room where the exercise equipment was set. Seeing Jared in a very professional pants and the shirt, Abe was glad to have brought his good t-shirt and shorts.

    They walked into therapy room, which had an examination table on one side. The table had a large hole at one end, so the patient could breathe easy when lying on it for the therapy and the message. Abe once again thanked Jared for giving him a late appointment and Jared only smiled as said, “You are welcome” and gestured Abe to climb up the table as he went to the front gate to lock it, so no new patient could walk in for making an appointment or something. As he returned, he announced to Abe that all the office equipment was for him and he wanted to start with some stretches of Abe’s lower back and asked him to take the position on the table to be on his 4’s with the head lowered towards the ground, the back flattened and his pelvis raised up a little. Abe climbed up and took the position as told. Jared began helping him to do the stretching exercises. Then Jared standing behind him, told Abe to stretch the legs a bit wider. It was right then, he felt Jared’s hand in his groin and his fingers on the balls through the shorts. It of course felt incredible and Abe got hard in a jiffy although it was a very slight touch. Abe was not a gay but still, the thoughts came to his mind, how he would like some more touching by Jared. He was still deeply taken by the thought when Jared ordered him to get off the table and stand there, facing the wall near the table. Abe knew, it would be very easy for Jared to see his erect **** in the shorts and very unwillingly, he came off the table and quickly turned towards the wall. Now he was told to slowly bend to touch his toes and try to go as low as he could. After one or two repeats, Jared got very close and began guiding and helping him go down and get back up and then Jared lifted Abe’s shirt off, saying that he wanted to see what actually was moving and how much, in his back and Abe kept shut thinking, ok .

    After couple of more stretches, Abe was again asked to get on the table, with his back up and poking the face through the hole on the table as Jared started pressing lightly through at his back to check where he was hurting exactly. Then Jared stretched Abe’s arms to mobilize his spine while his own elbow was rested on Abe’s upper back. This strange movement created a very special and amazing buzz in Abe’s ass and even his **** was feeling the tingling as the pressure on his back increased by Jared’s elbow. Now with his elbow still, Jared was moving his hand around Abe’s lower back and sides. Abe felt Jared’s fingers slide under his boxers giving him an instant erection once again. Keeping the fingers, under the boxers, Jared moved a little towards Abe’s ass once again moving further down his spine, finally circling his anal button making Abe groan. This must had been a cue for Jared because soon his head was over Abe’s head, whispering to make the massage much better if Abe’s shorts were down or better, off totally.

    By now, Abe was expecting this and he agreed but still for some reason, he was surprised when Jared pulled not only his shorts but the boxers also to his ankles and started massaging some oil in his back and kneading his ass with his powerful hands. Abe was loving it and raising his hips off the table with unbelievable joy as Jared did it and then Jared’s hand moved more towards the center and slowly, he slid a finger in Jared’s ass hole. The thick finger, hurt a little bit, as it went in but once it was in all the way, it was no problem. Jared was pressing his knuckles against Jared’s ****, moaning below and rubbing his all solid erect **** on the table, his hips moving sideways. It was kind of discouraging for Abe when Jared pulled his finger out of his **** and continued massaging his thighs, taking the shorts and boxers off his ankles.

    It kind of seemed that he was finishing but Abe was pleading in his own mind to continue and not end so soon. Suddenly Jared called out to Abe for the flip over for doing the frontal thighs and legs. Abe was slightly excited and also embarrassed for his raging hard on of full 8” being on an open display. Jared looked and commented that something of Abe’s interest was done but Abe only kept quiet. Jared continued to knead his thighs as Abe’s **** stood full mast owing to the ministrations provided by Jared. Reaching the upper thigh, Jared pulled Abe’s knees up to have a full and unrestricted view of the lovely ass. Jared traced a finger from the end of Abe’s spine, over his ****, over the hefty balls up to the big **** tip. Circling the finger on the cockhead, he smeared the drops of pre cum on the **** helmet. Abe was blushing as all this was done to him. Jared licked his fingers to taste the pre cum and then gently wrapped his fist around Abe’s thick ****.

    Abe whispered that it all felt incredible and right then Jared bent over and licked another big drop oozing out of the **** hole. His tongue moved along the base of the **** shaft, down to the balls. Circling the balls with his tongue, he grabbed a bit of the sac skin and while sucking on it for a few seconds, he pulled the whole ball in his mouth and sucked it for about 30 seconds. Abe’s groin was fully covered with Jared’s saliva. After spitting the balls out of his mouth, Jared cupped the balls to pull them up and then pulled both of his legs up with the other hand to push them back creating an open access for his head, mouth and tongue for the tracing of his ass ring slowly .

    Then he moved in with his tongue and plunged into Abe’s ****. With his full tongue sliding in the ass, Abe could only stress out, “Oh ****”! Now Jared quickly let go his balls to dangle on Abe’s own face as he continued to explore the young **** and with his free hand, started fondling the hard **** from **** tip to the solid base particularly paying attention to the underside of the cockhead. Abe was once again disappointed when Jared pulled his mouth off the **** but Jared consoled him with a promise of much more, later and he bent down on the **** to kiss it. Soon he was again forcing his mouth down the shaft length, providing a tight fit, the whole time to enhance the sensation. Jared confessed that Abe’s **** meat tasted very good as he groaned low on the balls.

    Jared sucked the **** like a real ‘Mother fucking’ pro, enjoying the full length, the **** helmet, under the head overly sensitive spots and also pumping it with his hand, mostly twisting the shaft on his up and down swings, causing tingling in Abe’s balls.
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