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  • kingARXkingARX Squire
    Yahoo account not received the email
  • Firstly, try to change your account email adress. And must be gmail adress. Then, it may approve.
  • Tox31Tox31 Worthy
    I got the ribbon for verifying my email but unfortunately no USP Piggybank yet and i still get the same message to verify my account when logging into the game.
  • tox Don't worry, you will get the gift soon or later
  • Tox31Tox31 Worthy
    IGN_Galaxy wrote: »
    tox Don't worry, you will get the gift soon or later

    Thanks Galaxy, hopefully it soon.
  • [USER="18031629"]Tox31[/USER]

    Same as my problem ,
    I waited 72 hours and nothing happened yet
  • S0SSSAS0SSSA Beginner
    what about yahoo mails ! i see that there is no one received a verification mail on yahoo !
  • smhaksmhak Apprentice
    22.5 - 27.5
    So far my problem has not been solved
    I have sent several tickets and have not yet resolved

    Now my email has been verified ... I didn't get my rewards.......USP-Piggybank
    I sent my complaint and nobody responds
  • DeathAtxDeathAtx Beginner
    [QUOTE=[GM]Kanadian;n6929706]Hey guys! To answer a few questions:
    - It makes your account more secure by ensuring you have an actual email to recover to
    - Emails can take a bit as people are spamming the system to verify right now, but they will be sent out. Check your spam folders!
    - Yes it should be able to verify with yahoo. Check your spam folder, and send us a ticket if it doesn't arrive within 24 hours.
    - For the guy whos gmail is banned, you'll have to change your email via ticket.[/QUOTE]

    The button in the email never works and when you do the copy and paste just say Error Occurred so all i can say it does not work
  • I try to change my email because my old one is not working. I tried all ready with ticket but always get an randomized unhelpfull answer what says the need more information . Does someone has an idea what to do?
  • Make it possible to change forgotten Emails with PW from 2011 help!!!
    I dont know any securitys of my old acc...
  • anamimoyadanamimoyad Squire
    edited June 2021
    A late feature, but I really liked it
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