Crossfire community: We are CF WEST now. But who is everyone?

This post is created to make our new community known about each of us. Here we are and we're one. So we're also looking forward to meeting you here and not just on the battlefield.

Please maintain an order as I suggest. Improve it if you want, but let's keep order.

Opening greetings: A warm greeting to everyone from Nymphdesert (Cles1)

Brief presentation: I am the beloved and expected known in the CFNA as Cles and in CFES as Clez. Now in CFWEST I am Cles1 and I am actually here because I represent and am the spirit of the Desert Nymph, but you must not be afraid or doubtful because I am here to fight against evil within this our world. Some have hated me but many have loved me and seen me for more than a generation. An old and new vision of loyalty and honor.
The Desert Nymph has been a way of describing me and you'll know it's me in this world because of this.

Hobbies: When possible you will find me in CFWEST. I also practice cycling, football, table tennis, volley ball, reading, walking, traveling and philosophizing about different topics.

My task in Crossfire: Have fun and be a slew-in-fire enemy of cheaters.

Other forms: The Desert Nymph has been a way of describing me and you'll know it's me in this world because of this; But also: The Beloved and Powerful Nymph (La amada y poderosa Ninfa del Desierto, The Summoned (La Invocada), The Expected (La Esperada). ;)

Please tell me who you are?.

Remember to open your mind and recognize that we are and are not here. So your criticism should be according to this.

So soon my beloved.
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  • WELP,

    I don't see any replies but here goes mine in the hopes of getting the snowball rolling (unlikely, but hey).

    My IGN is SAMPV (previously, Carnage in CFES, no, I'm not the CFNA Carnage), I come from CFES and have been playing CF for about 8 years (played in NA as Smoke/[WLS]Sam/etc.etc. before moving to ES). CFES got merged here, so, here we are.


    Ain't nobody got time for that working a full-time job. CF at midnight is what it is.

    Task in CF?

    No specific one! but I'm trying to help bring this community (especially comp) back to life again. I think this game has a lot to offer, but its community members are pretty disconnected from one another. I'm also trying to get into the competitive scene.

    I love this game, even though I cringe at the amount of time I've spent on it, but boi have I enjoy all those hours playing.

    So, let's see if we get any other responses!
  • Hello, Nymph.

    I can't tell you how good it is to see you again. Welcome.

    I’m Pano, I’ve been playing Crossfire for 10 years (11 years in March). 5 years on CFNA and 5 years on CFES. I became a moderator from the beta phase (2014) and Super Moderator (2015) until 2019.

    Professionally, I am a telecommunication engineer and systems and network technician. I live in Colombia.

    Hobbies: I enjoy reading and studying languages. I am studying Portuguese and Italian. In addition to updating my knowledge of my related careers.

    My task in Crossfire: I like to help people. It's kind of my thing (these problems relating to CrossFire). To help the community. Well, I mean, just like, getting involved in the community and whatnot.
  • My IGN is JackPain (a name that I have used in several games for the last 10 years or so). I have been playing crossfire since some time before MM was released (I don't know which year that was, but I remember the hype around it, maybe someone who knows can give me a year?), though that account was hacked and banned (I had the pleasure of owning the Thompson for 2 weeks). Later I tried now and then with new accounts, but didn't really start playing CF again until 2014 when I made this acc for CF-EU. Had to stop playing after about 3 months, because I simply didn't have the time for it. Started about a year ago again and played almost everyday since then.

    I have been playing FPS's online since I was about 10-11 years old, stopped playing competitively online and in LAN's around 2007-08.

    I live in the south-part of northern Sweden, in a small-town of maybe 2500-3000 people. Because of a mental breakdown/burnout some years ago, I am only working part-time these days. At a place where mainly disabled, former-addicts and refugees work with different jobs. My team acts like some-kind of handymen, we drive around helping mainly old and infirm people with things like "shoveling snow, gardening, cutting wood etc". I am actually more happy with this kind of job, than the more "stressful income-heavy" jobs I used to strive to work in when I was younger.

    I have many hobbies and Interest, It might be because of the kind of ADHD I am born with. Most people with ADHD have hyperactivity in their bodies (can't sit still), I have my hyperactivity in my brain, so It is always working in turbo-mode. To name a few interests - Playing my electric guitar, writing (Music, stories), playing games (P&P, Board, Console, PC, about everything), Training (weights, punching bag, too lazy for cardio most times), Reading a lot (mostly horror oriented fiction or non-fiction where I learn something interesting, at least 1 audio-book each day), Watching movies, Fishing. I multitask almost always, like if I watch a movie, I also often write at the same time + often a third thing.

    Right now I live alone, except for my dog "Bella" (Malinois & Cane Corso Mix), which I share custody of, with my mother. We took care of her together when she needed a new home, she is kind of too big and strong for my mother to handle all the time.

    I use Crossfire mainly as a way to relax. I will continue playing it, until It closes or until I stop thinking it is fun.
  • Thanks SAMPV, Pano and JackPain for starting. The main idea is to know a little about each one and know about our eccentricities without surprising us later. :D

    It seems that we are already in the "old school" and I am particularly happy because although we are still young I can feel that this inner flame does not cease.

    Thanks Lobo Pano, obviously happy to see you. ;)

    I hope they continue to share others and I always hope that we understand that we are or probably (Not to be adventurous) we want to be an integrating community.

    Please tell me who you are?.

    Greetings to all,

    Cles1 the Desert Nymph.
  • [GM]Kanadian[GM]Kanadian Administrator
    I read this as 'Dessert' at first and got really excited. Glad to see the community coming together like this though!
  • Maybe later there is dessert for everyone, Kanadian. For now, keep saying hello and getting to know each other.

    Please tell me who you are?.

    Greetings to all,

    Cles1 the Desert Nymph.
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