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I'm Andy, but go by "Spekk" online. I've been fortunate enough to be apart of the CrossFire community for a great 9-10 years. As a returning player to the game, I've found the competetive scene to be unfair towards both returning and new players. More specifically in the perspective of the in-game equipment. It is both frustrating and dismotivating to play in competetive matches, knowing you are at a disadvantage simply for not having specific weapons. I'm writing about the CFS AK-47 and the CFS Colt. The AK share names with my modest regular AK-47, but the similarity stops there. It is simply put easier to control, allows you to tap quicker, and feels more fluid to use; an overall upgrade. The Colt's drawspeed, damage and fire-rate make it a better sidearm than any other GP alternative. Therefore I would like to request a change, and open up a discussion/dialog where the matter of CFS weapons are looked into in more detail. Isn't it fair that returning and new players are on par with others? Can you really call something competetive if one part is at a constant disadvantage by design? One suggestion I have is to add the CFS or old AK model back in the GP shop, or make the weapons purchasable at all times. This would eliminate the problem completely, and I've yet to find a counter-arguement as to why this should not happen.
I look forward to hearing from both the community and staff, and to discuss this further.

Best regards,
Andy, Spekk


  • I agree but I want my reg back also
  • tuday47tuday47 Apprentice
    Me to agree
  • I think it would be great if some CFS weapons were implemented as a GP crate, giving players the possibility to obtain them permanently.
  • +1 we need CFS guns all year round, removing them does not make a difference since competitive CF is a year-round thing not like Halloween or Xmas.

  • That would be the worst idea ever, competitive guns need to be readily available for players either permanently or temporarily at all times. Anything other than that is just unfair to players not choosing to GP hoard for a year only to buy a CFS package 100 times so that they have the guns until next year. Please make CFS guna available again in the item shop and do not remove them.

    +1 from me

    You might be right, I was just thinking of some good ways to implement it!
  • SpekkulerttSpekkulertt Apprentice
  • Stutterfree gameplay needs to be more widely available
  • robbladerobblade Beginner
    +1 agreed
  • +1 but you could say that to a lot more things in cf...
  • parkOofyparkOofy Beginner
    +1 totally agree
  • Daniel_25 wrote: »
    Stutterfree gameplay needs to be more widely available

    +1 totally agree
  • JunkzzzJunkzzz Beginner
    +1 totally right
  • Can't agree more.
  • ReiJNCFFReiJNCFF Beginner
    sign up for open and you will receive them.
    If you are heavily disappointed about this issue the above mentioned shouldnt be a problem.
    At all you should make the package either less expensive when it comes out or make it availible for a longer period during the year.
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