Ribbon Topic- Good Samaritan

Hi everyone,
I have more then 5 years from last playing this game and now i saw a lot of news in game, (Y) Crossfire.
How I can get this ribbon ? I have to do someting on forum or on suport page? Thank's ! Enjoy on game !


  • What made you come back ? Dont tell me the Ribbon Event
  • You obtain this ribbon once you prove yourself to be an active, mature and helpful forum member (for a really long time I think).
    This being said, I believe players barely or never get this ribbon, since there's little to no activity/relevance on the forum nowadays.
  • I have been active on the forum for a long time and have not received that Ribbon
  • CalinEU I come back only for fun, play with old friends, they are also come in game. I like more now the game, now i didn't see anymore hackers on game. Only you can grow very fast on lvl now. :D
  • asdasd454asdasd454 Beginner
    How can I get this Ribbon?
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