You can't play Ranked without there being at least one hack in the game. When you report the hacks it takes Crossfire over 3 months to look at your reports. What's the use of playing Ranked with hacks?


  • People think it's an easy and quick way to get high rank and prizes, they don't even take their time to think about the consequences, some people also think it's just fun to hack but those kind of people tend to hack on normal games instead of ranked ones, they mostly also use alt accounts so they don't even care if they get banned, my suggestion is for the game to IP ban people if the same IP was caught hacking on 2 or more different accounts (unless many accounts use this device since then we'd know this is an internet cafe) and I think the staff team are already upgrading their anti-cheat system because I've been seeing less hackers in game, also if you don't want to see hackers in ranked matches consider ranking up more cause personally I haven't found any hackers at all ever since I ranked up from Silver and the first few stages of gold because most people there now are high ranks, and hackers mostly get banned before they're able to reach plat rank and sometimes they get demoted for leaving mid games cause of some errors like "CF Error" which I think is triggered by the system anti-cheat when it detects something wrong (but not sure if it's a hack) since if you notice now days if you try to do certain glitches like getting inside boxes and stuff you get that error..
  • Best thing is to keep reporting them, the GM's will do their best to punish them as soon as possible.

    You have to understand that sometimes it takes some time to get a hacker banned since the reviewing is a complicated process.
  • Freakii12 wrote: »

    its only a complicated process in cf

    There are some things that require improvement, I agree.
  • We need to be patient and report them
  • [COLOR=rgba(0, 0, 0, 0.87)]Someone knows when the weapons of coupon will change? [/COLOR]
  • Honestly, it's not that bad anymore compared to before. The previous seasons were far worse in that regard. It got so bad last season that we had multiple hackers in a single room ...

    All in all, this season has been relatively tame when it comes to cheating. Just report them and be done with it since there's so few of them ...

  • When you give hackers in the room you are missing the puzzle to play again. Just what I reappeared. Please clean up these hackers. thank you
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