war bear

what is the best way to kill war bear within time limit to get X2 kills ?? shoot all parts first ?? some parts ? or just keep shooting at the head ??


  • Play with players who have ZM special weapons like the AA-12 buster. When it gets to the War Bear, those with AA-12 buster will unload their exploding rounds onto the bear, die so their exploding rounds are ready to use again, and repeat. With a full team of AA-12 Busters, Final Arena Hard Mode can be completed within the 5 minute mark.

    ZM is a joke these days because of these “OP ZM weapons”. I miss the days when ZM was a challenge.
  • Collect a team with AA-12 Buster and P90s and you gonna finish it easily.
  • b7areyab7areya Apprentice
    use da zm weapon's and u gonna done it faster bruh ..
  • Ummmmmmmmmmm
  • as other said the answer is a full team with aa-12s
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